Wednesday, August 19, 2009

drops september 11.
same date as GZA concert

too many artist's i think, and why would he do a song with luke steele...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I dont like clogging up this blog, but these are exceptions!

(In memory of Laika (✝1957), the first living creature to enter orbit)

Mushroom music...

what more can i say?

New Primitive hats drop in November. (I found out how to link...)
P-Rod is a wanker, and the new P-rod 3's i won aren't designed to skate....even after putting them in the microwave....thanks for the tip S.B.

Interview here....

Of all the artists in the Complex universe, none wields more influence than 34-year-old Brian Donnelly, a.k.a. KAWS. Starting with his street graffiti work in the ’90s, and evolving to clothing collaborations and toys, the Jersey-raised Brooklyn rep has managed to walk the line between art and commercialism and still be respected. Over the past year he’s created the cover for Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreak, debuted exhibitions at major NYC and L.A. galleries, and seen his clothing line, Original Fake, kill it globally. In short, the man is Style and Design.
my dream....

Just illin....

Monday, August 17, 2009


im sure some of you have seen it, mary-kate is so dreamy.
sicks music aswell, quasimoto, tribe called quest, the pharacyde and nas

Saturday, August 15, 2009

lost in translation

I want to live in Japan forever.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

nas is like...

*NaS is now playing at The Palace*

$103 is steep, hopefully i have dolla bill's yall

Wednesday 28th October 2009
NAS 'low:fi
special guests

The Inaugral National Australian 'low-fi' Tour has just been announced, and it's huge...

Nas - the undisputed king of east cost hip hop, unlike so may of his contemporaries that reached real success, has maintained a street level, tru school consciousness, while at the same time reaching global hip hop stardom.

Tickets on sale Thurs. 20th Aug. for $103, ph: 1300 762 545 & outlets: Polyester City/Fitzroy, Greville & the Espy & from ph 132849 and outlets $101.50. Doors open 8pm.

food for thought

nike airs and crip t's

Someone buy me these.
"Nike Sportswear unveils a range of new Fall/Holiday 2009 garments via their South East Asia look book. Serving up a wide range of Air Max styles, including an Air Max 90 Current Huararche based on the AM90 DQM and HUF collabs from a few years back, NSW shows off a great footwear selection. Guest designers include Parra, Cassette Playa, Mark Ward and Grotesk, who have offered their signature styles to tees, jackets and sneakers. NSW’s higher end Pinnacle Collection is also showcased, offering superior materials and technical details. Certain items have already been released, while the remainder will hit shelves over the coming months."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

got yourself a gun

NaS tour hype! supported by chali 2na from J-5, who is promoting his new album.
tickets go on sale on the 20th. (playing at the espy...)


If you know anyone looking for a heeler x puppy, let them know about this dog who's time is nearly up.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old photos

This is the day i ate shit while riding and broke Lukes bike.

This took me a while...

Im fucking dying at the moment, i think its glandular fever again....
and i go for my license tomorrow. If i fail I'm going to crack the shits.

This goes out to the meat eaters...

Welcome to reality

For those that knows wassup, this is the second blog from me.
I'll try and fill this blog up with sneaker news, some skate pics/videos, music and photos that ive taken myself.

I still don't really have a working camera, but i will manage to get one soon, otherwise i will borrow my schools.

Ill post torrents to most of the albums i post, but go buy them if you can.

This is a DOPE album, with support from Talib Kweli, J-Live, Large Professor and others, it wont disappoint you.
Dela - Changes of Atmosphere

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It's my mum and lukes birthday this friday (he's hyped) , so ill try and post some photos soon